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LEGIO.tools GmbH

LEGIO.tools distributes water filters, which are either inserted in shower heads, installed at tap terminals, or interconnected as inline filters. The membrane filters via microfiltration bacteria (e.g. legionella or pseudomonas). Filters are disposable, certified and have a lifetime of up to 70 days. LEGIO-WATER distributes ultrafiltration plants for permanent water decontamination. Customers include hospitals, nursing homes, sports clubs, the public and private sector.

Drinking water treatment


Solution image of LEGIO.ball antibacterial

LEGIO.ball antibacterial

LEGIO.tools GmbH • The LEGIO.ball is the ideal solution for the tap application in case of microbiologically contaminated tap water or where extensive protection is required.
Solution image of LEGIO.medical shower

LEGIO.medical shower

LEGIO.tools GmbH • Our LEGIO.medical shower hand shower is an ideal "first aid" product in case of legionella outbreaks or in cases when extensive protection is necessary.
Drinking water treatment


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LEGIO.filter Trinkwasser Kleinanlagen
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