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Emulsions, dispersions and suspensions are delivered and stored worldwide in intermediate bulk containers (IBC). The products must be mixed, homogenised and stirred before use. For this purpose, we developed the impulse mixer as an innovation to the electric motor-driven container agitators and applied for a patent. There is nothing comparable on the market. The impulse mixer can also be used for other container sizes and shapes.

Gallery image 0 - System structure
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Gallery image 0 - System structure
Gallery image 1 - The impulse mixer weighs < 8 kg and is easy to handle. It mixes up to 5 cm above the ground, for that reason there are no dead zones. It is not the lance that mixes, but large, pulse-controlled air bubbles that ensure horizontal and vertical mixing.
System structure


Solution image of Homogenizing polymers

Homogenizing polymers

Hybrid Chemie GmbH • Impulse mixer for stirring and homogenizing water-soluble polymers in emulsions
Solution image of Homogenizing wastewater sludge

Homogenizing wastewater sludge

Hybrid Chemie GmbH • Homogenizing wastewater sludge with pulse-controlled compressed air.


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