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We specialize in the design and construction of equipment for waste management (municipal waste, industrial waste, production of separately collected fractions). All our machines are custom made, which means we produce machine or bigger system solutions according to your needs. OUR PRODUCTS: Balers, Conveyor systems, Reel splitter, Cutting systems, PET perforators, Sorting systems, Alternative fuel production – RDF, SRF http://www.riko-ekos.si/en/products.html

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Gallery image 0 - SRF PLANT ITALY 2020 / 2021
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Gallery image 0 - SRF PLANT ITALY 2020 / 2021
Gallery image 1 - We produce conveyors in widths from 800 to 2200 mm. The length of the conveyor and the construction are adapted to your production process.
Gallery image 2 - **Horizontal automated balers** are designed for baling large quantities of all types of (waste) material. We offer two different systems of automated balers: * Balers with a **pre-compression system**; * Balers with a **cutting system**
Gallery image 3 - A cutting system is designed to cut-up various materials that you wish to make further use of. The machinery can work independently with manual operation or can be integrated into an automated process of cutting-up materials.
SRF PLANT ITALY 2020 / 2021

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