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Established in 1976, JUROP is an Italian technology company specialised in the production of vacuum and transfer pumps, low-pressure compressors and the manufacture of equipment for ecology and related components designed for the suction or transport of special and hazardous waste and high-pressure cleaning of industrial systems and sewer networks.

Pumping of high viscous fluids (slurries)Rotary pumps


Solution image of HELIX 1500 - 2000

HELIX 1500 - 2000

JUROP SPA • HELIX vacuum pumps are tri-lobe worm screw profile blowers specifically designed for vacuum plants that must convey gas free from polluting substances, oil or water.
Vacuum pumps
Solution image of PVT/HELIX ATEX with Flame Arresters DRF/F

PVT/HELIX ATEX with Flame Arresters DRF/F

JUROP SPA • PVT/Helix Atex – DRF/F group features a vacuum pump PVT200/Helix220 Atex or PVT280/Helix300 Atex or PVT400/Helix450 Atex, completed with flame arresters DRF/F140 o DRF/F220 IIB protection system.

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Via Crosera, 50

33082 Azzano Decimo





+39 0434 636811

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