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BRAIN Biotech AG

BRAIN is a pioneer of industrial biotechnology. With a broad and in-depth biotechnology portfolio we provide high-performance microorganisms, enzymes and bio-based processes, helping to improve the efficiency of our customers’ processes. We provide support when it comes to replacing chemicals e.g.

  • by biological metal extraction from e-scrap
  • when using CO2 as raw material e.g. for production of energy or chemical building blocks
  • when utilizing organic waste streams.
Biological processes (others)Electronic waste
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Gallery image 1 - BRAIN Molecular Biology Laboratory
Gallery image 2 - BRAIN BioXtractor
Sustainable metal extraction in the circular economy


Solution image of Pollution Management: Biosorption for heavy metal removal from sewage sludge

Pollution Management: Biosorption for heavy metal removal from sewage sludge

BRAIN Biotech AG • BRAIN has developed a biotechnological solution for the recovery of metals from wastewater and other liquids. Using "functional biomass", desired metals can be separated by means of biosorption.
Solution image of Sustainable metal extraction by bioextraction (BioXtractor)

Sustainable metal extraction by bioextraction (BioXtractor)

BRAIN Biotech AG • BRAIN AG has developed a biological solution for the extraction of valuable metals from secondary raw materials that is not only powerful but also mild and environmentally friendly.


BRAIN BioXtractor

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