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As pioneers of rainwater technology, we have been in the market since 1993. From the very beginning, both the development of products and the planning of projects have been our main focus. The experience and competence of our employees is fed by the numerous development works and projects. We appreciate the exchange of experience within the association and beyond with universities and business partners. Our customers with public, commercial or private construction projects are our top priority.

Consulting and engineering servicesConsulting for management and organization


Solution image of Water treatment from Rain - and Greywater

Water treatment from Rain - and Greywater

INTEWA GmbH • More than 50% of the water consumption and thus costs can be saved with water treatment. One focus is on the decentralized, multiple use of water.
Consulting and engineering services
Solution image of Infiltration and attenuation of stormwater

Infiltration and attenuation of stormwater

INTEWA GmbH • Unsealing and infiltration measures. Amortization of many systems within a short time.


Domestic Rainwater Harvesting
Commercial Greywater Recycling
DRAINMAX tunnel trench for infiltration and attenuation

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