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Softplan Informatik GmbH

Softplan Informatik GmbH is one of the leading system houses for municipal geographic information systems (GIS) in Germany. Together with its partners, Softplan offers GIS solutions for geospatial management to municipal administrations and businesses, districts, cadastral offices, energy suppliers and engineering offices. With INGRADA, Softplan offers a state-of-the-art solution based on open standard technologies for the analysis, evaluation and collection of spatial information.

GIS (geo-information system) & SDI (spatial data infrastructure)IT security


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Softplan Informatik GmbH • Geographic information system for counties, municipalities, engineering offices and companies.
GIS (geo-information system) & SDI (spatial data infrastructure)
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INGRADA mobile

Softplan Informatik GmbH • Mobile geographic information. At any time. At any place.
GIS (geo-information system) & SDI (spatial data infrastructure)

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